Selena Gomez ‘Fetish’ Video Officially Out

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After watching Selena Gomez’s official video for her song, ‘Fetish,’ we aren’t sure whether to feel concerned for her or enticed by the weirdness of her actions during it. Turns out, Gomez’s sexual desires, otherwise known as “fetishes,” are bizarre as told by the video.

During the video, Selena mournfully walks into the light in a vintage-like yellow dress and white sneakers, with two grocery bags in both of her hands. Then, it flashes back from Gomez looking into the light to her eating -not-so-edible foods like glass and soap. At one point, she even tied a piece of thread around her tongue and uses an eyebrow curler on her tongue as rain poured down inside of her home.

Just like her ‘Good For You’ video, she is on the floor for the majority of the video. Watch below to see exactly what we mean:

Though the video is strange, her lyrics are definitely catchy. “Take it or leave it. Baby, take it or leave it,” she sang. “But I know you won’t leave it, ’cause I know that you need it. Look in the mirror. When I look in the mirror, baby, I see it clearer. Why you want to be nearer.”

This song was officially released in Mid-July and followed ‘Bad Liar,’ but it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not these two songs will be featured on her new album. Also, it hasn’t been confirmed when her new album, to follow her 2015 LP Revival, will officially come out. We will be sure to let you know whenever we know, though.

Her content is certainly reflective of a change in her life as she deals with more serious topics like panic, anxiety, and depression. In fact, she announced these plans for a career hiatus to Rolling Stone in July 2016 when she found out about her Lupus Diagnosis.

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