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For those who aren’t tuned in, San Diego has a thriving local music community. Obviously your rockers are hanging in North Park, performing at SOMA and releasing CD’s at Casbah.

But what about the hip hop and rap community that is not often spoken of in the local media, but is buzzing on the streets? It exists.

This sub-community of talented local hip hop artists are putting out CD’s and mix tapes and relentlessly making great music. As part of the Entertainer’s Local Music Alliance we want to spotlight those who are working hard and staying relevant.

In this edition: Young Gee, afterschoolspecial and 12 Gauge Shotie & Lil B-Stone.

December 11, 2009

Young Gee’s  Mix Tape release party for Jackin For Beats Vol. 2 at Club Faces

Designed by KaliGrafx

Designed by: KaliGrafx

This Friday at Club Faces is all about Young Gee’s anticipated mix tape release Jackin’ For Beats Vol. 2. Young Gee is an aspiring hip hop artist who has top label’s attention. Boasting over 2 million profile views, 24,000+ friends and 4,000+ plays a day, he’s one of San Diego’s musical weapon’s to keep tabs on.

Don’t miss a chance to see Young Gee live in your own city. He will be accompanied by Unkle Sam, DJ Cassanova among others this Friday at Club Faces in Downtown 835 5th Ave.

Guest list opportunities are available to get FREE admission, follow @younggee619 or catch Young Gee on MySpace

December 12, 2009

Voices at Onyx Room featuring afterschoolspecial


Afterschoolspecial is making major waves in the community. With a packed show calendar, our local music enthusiasts might have already had a chance to catch the group live. If not, you should definitely check out the unique hip hop flavor of afterschoolspecial.

The basic presentation of hip hop is usually with a catchy beat and an MC. But not only does afterschoolspecial have an MC, they have five other members including vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys for your listening pleasure.

This Saturday, afterschoolspecial will be performing in Voices at Onyx Room. Voices is a music and art showcase presented by Jon Block. This is the only event of its kind happening regularly in San Diego.

Innovative artists from all forms will be spotlighted this Saturday. Including art from Billy Martinez, video art from Ben Norton, jewelry art from Jessica Chesnut and massage art from Fielding. Finally tantalize your taste buds with sushi art from Sushi Studios. Dynamite Walls, another local band in San Diego will also be performing.

The Entertainer will feature afterschoolspecial’s song “Name” on the Local Music Alliance Vol.3 Play List to be released this week!

Follow @danakadan or afterschoolspecial on Myspace for more information. Onyx Room is located downtown at 852 5th Ave.


12 Gauge Shotie & Lil B-Stone Co-Defendants

12 Gauge Shotie originally made a name for himself with the Mary Jane Junkeez just a few years ago. Now he has pursued his own successful solo career, and is known and well appreciated on the west coast.

Lil B-Stone also brings outstanding energy and talent to this project. You may remember him from appearances on The Grimmie Wreck show.

For those that appreciate albums that keep it strictly real, this will certainly be one to check out. Our experience has shown us that 12 Gauge Shotie CD’s can be played from beginning to end, with no need to skip a song.

Follow @12gaugeshotie or catch up with 12 Gauge Shotie on MySpace to stay tuned.

12 Gauge Shotie & Lil B-Stone Co-Defendants

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