Finding talent in San Diego – Showcase at On Broadway this Saturday

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Support our local undiscovered San Diego talent this Saturday at On Broadway. Local pop, R&B, hip hop and rock performers will be showcased this Saturday, October 17th. The event is brought to you by King Ryan Events, a premiere Hollywood based event Production Company.

This is great news for all the undiscovered talent here in San Diego and those vying to get exposure. Let’s face it- who doesn’t want the spotlight? The lavish lifestyle that rock stars enjoy has so much appeal — with the big money, expensive cars and jet setting around the world.

Thousands of people every year follow their dreams in Southern California, trying to achieve success even if they are boarded up in a broken down Hollywood motel scraping by with pennies along the way.

Well-known songstress Jewel did it, right here in our hometown. She lived out of her car for two years singing gigs in bars. Fortunately for her, she made it big with smash hits and now she’s nestled up on some farm property with her rodeo-star hubby Ty Murray.

Unfortunately, the realities of success in the industry are challenging and for some it’s a race better lost. As John Legend said in his Entertainer interview when we asked about his advice for those trying to get discovered:

“You got to be great, be creative, work with great people, be collaborative, be persistent; there will be doubters and people who say to you, ‘you need to get a real job.’ For some people that may be the right answer. If you believe you have what it takes you have to be persistent”.

San Diego’s Got Talent! Don’t miss the chance to see the greatest undiscovered acts in San Diego this Saturday, October 17th, 2009 at popular club On Broadway.

On Broadway

On Broadway

If you aren’t familiar, On Broadway is located at the intersection of Sixth Avenue & Broadway, in the rapidly expanding “Gaslamp District” of San Diego. If you haven’t checked out this venue, Saturday is the perfect night to explore one of the most exclusive spots in the Gaslamp.

On Broadway Event Center (OBEC) is one of the largest venue’s in San Diego, known for its flourishing nightlife. The club was developed inside the 30,000 square foot historic bank building which dates back to the 1920’s.

The exterior of the building exudes an aura of exquisite elegance. The maintenance of the original architectural and the building’s historical integrity is breathtaking. Several million dollars were invested to bring OBEC to life, which took away much of the interior historic charm. Fortunately though, many elements of the historic bank building are still intact such as the basement vault, Italian marble floors, gold ornate ceilings, 30 foot columns and numerous arches.

This red carpet event and exhibit is catered towards Kevin Morgan’s Universal Music Group’s intentions to find the best musicians in the greater San Diego area. Kevin Morgan is an A&R representative at the Santa Monica division of the Universal Music Group corporation and is the protégé of renowned A&R executive Shawn “Tubby” Holiday.

King Ryan Events Production Company specializes in record label showcases, nightclub parties, and red carpet events. A&R representatives have come from countless reputable record labels (such as Interscope, Doggystyle Records, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, Universal, and Bad Boy Ent to name a few) to view and scout showcase musicians discovered by King Ryan Events. (For those who would like to be considered for an upcoming event, e-mail

Featured Local Music Alliance artist for the October 2009 playlist, hip hop talent I-Z-I-C will be on the bill to perform in front of the judges.

Buy your tickets here for only $22.98. The ticket includes over 10 performances and a night on the town in the lavish club, On Broadway. Tell them the San Diego Entertainer Magazine sent you and come out to support the undiscovered talent in San Diego!!

Support the undiscovered local talent in San Diego!

Support the undiscovered local talent in San Diego!

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