Backspacer, the new Pearl Jam album

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Provided by 'Pearl Jam Official' via Flickr

Provided by 'Pearl Jam Official' via Flickr

It’s always nice to come into the office and see a promo CD waiting for you on the desk. It’s not some promo CD from an unknown band or artist, instead it is from one of the largest bands to come out of the grunge era. That’s right folks Pearl Jam has released their new album Backspacer and it has finally made it to the confines of the Entertainer headquarters in order to be heard.

As I eagerly unwrapped the CD, the first thing that I noticed was the colorful CD case that they used for the album. The pictures on the front of the album ranged from a kid being chased by a train on fire, the internal workings of the human body, a man playing drums in space, and a brain encased in a vile with wires by its side. Being an avid music listener, I knew that this cover was saying something. It was trying to reflect what laid behind the digital disc that was inside, and what a surprise it was.

If you are a die hard grunge lover who reminsces on the days of the hard core grunge era and the old Pearl Jam that we have grown to love, this album is defintely not going to be what you expected. Rather than hard hitting in your face grunge rock, Backspacer is a melodic symphony of rock-n-roll, mixed with a smooth blend of pop.  I know what most of you are thinking, but my suggestion to you is to listen to the album before your pre-conceived notions get the best of you.

The progression of a band is almost an inevitably in the music industry, but it is the bands that reinvent themselves in that change that marks the sign of true musicianship. Pearl Jam’s Backspacer album is an exact reflection of that positive progressive change.

This new adventure, which was produced by Brendan O’Brien, sheds Pearl Jam in a whole new light. Songs like Amongst the Waves brings a powerful conglomeration of melodic vocals, topped with intense chord progressions and solos.  The new album is almost like a mixture of all the ages of music. You can be listening at one moment and hear the 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s in any song, then be brought back to the 21st century with a powerful rock combination of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.

All in all Backspacer should be seen as a progressive expansion of the bands musical prowess. Don’t judge it because it is different, rather look at it as the necessary evolution that a band goes through in its process of existence. I for one enjoyed the album, it grows on you and that to me is what makes Backspacer a success for the band.

Backspacer was released  on September 20, and can be picked up at any music store in your area.

Here is a video from about the process of making the album.

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