The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is Finally Here

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The wait is over! With much anticipation, the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery finally came out and SD Entertainer is excited to say the least. We can already tell that the thrilling new Star Trek inspired TV show will be full of spaceships and Federation action.

The setting of the tv series takes place ten years before we ever face the Enterprise Crew and Kirk. Led by Captain Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs, the story follows the Federation starship Discovery. Furthermore, it is told from the perspective of its First Officer, Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin Green.

The trailer itself was definitely anticipatory, however, very little information was revealed and we are pondering a great deal of questions. First, there were no scenes with the Discovery or Captain Lorca. In fact, Captain Philippa Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh, was the star of the trailer. This begs us to ask, is she going to be the star of the entirety of the show?

Inevitable suspense caused our hair to raise at the end of the trailer. A new alien and Starfleet Science Offer, Lt. Saru., played by Doug Jones, spoke of his ability to “sense the coming of death,” and that he sensed it, setting an ominous tone for the whole season.

Originally, the show was supposed to air in January, but there were a series of unfortunate events that set the creators of the show back. Most notably, the series co-creator and main character, Bryan Fuller, stepped down due to his heavy workload that includes engagement in other projects.

Though there isn’t a set date of the release date, the show is definitely on it’s way to Netflix this coming fall. Additionally, there will now be 15 episodes, rather than 13. Make sure to watch the full trailer and get excited for what’s to come!

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