This is Us: Tuesday’s Episode 16 Recap

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Spoiler alert: This article will include details regarding This is Us Episode 16: 2/21/16

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a cure for William Hill and his time to pass finally came this last Tuesday on ‘This is Us.’ Hill has been battling cancer for the entirety of the season and discontinued his cancer treatment, so he was essentially put out of his misery. Nevertheless, the episode titled, ‘We Can Always Come Back to This,’ was the most emotional one yet as it flashed back between the simple pleasures and hardships that governed William’s past and present memories.

In this episode, William and Randall are the only characters featured, except for the quick appearance of Randall’s wife Beth and doctors at the beginning of the episode. Randall and William venture on a road trip to Memphis, where William grew up, and Randall discovered details of his biological father’s past.

As the show inquisitively shifted to the past from the present, viewers quickly learned how close William was to his mother and how she was very ill. William was a talented musician, but ran away from his band, which included his cousin, to take care of his dying and sick mother. The past scenes that featured William and his mother vividly mirrored the present relationship between Randall and William. Naturally, streaming tears unavoidably marked our cheeks throughout every last second of the episode.

During the scenes from the past, the extent of William’s musical abilities prevailed. In the episode he composed a song, ‘We Can Always Come Back to This,’ (which was written by This is Us composer Siddhartha Kasla). If you fell in love with this song like we did, feel free to download it on Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google, and it is also available for streaming on Spotify.

Indeed, we all wept like babies when Randall broke down after the painful news of William’s death. In fact, avid viewers of this show most likely will suffer from grief and loss after this episode. However, since ‘This is Us’ constantly switches between the past and present, this is not the end of William’s gentle soul touching our hearts.

Undoubtedly, next week will be another tear-jerker considering the Pearson’s will find out the news of William’s death. Also, it is still a mystery as to what happens with Kevin’s future after he left the play. Not to mention, will we ever know how Jack died? The anticipation of ‘This is Us’ is at an all-time high, but hang tight until next Tuesday at 9 on NBC.

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