‘The Office’ Proposal strikes big

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For those who love Thursday night television, last night was a great night to be glued to the tube.

“The Proposal” episode was highly advertised by NBC, so we all knew what to expect. What we didn’t know was how it was going to happen.

michael scottAvid fans of the Office know that Michael is not one for eloquent speeches or flawless execution of, well, anything he does. What we all expected was a botched proposal that we could all laugh at — but Pam would not let that happen. After stopping Michael from setting the entire building on fire to write “Will You Marry Me?” in fire, she and the rest of the office staff banded together to create a truly remarkable proposal.

The Dunder Mifflin staff is Michael’s family. It was only fitting that the proposal would include them too. Michael walked through the building reminiscing about his and Holly’s relationship. They ended up in Holly’s office, where the staff was lined up with candles. Candles adorned the entire room and would have been a spectacular sight, if it weren’t for the fire sprinklers…After all, it couldn’t have gone down perfectly, right? Even still, it was very sweet.

michael scott's cupPost proposal, Michael announces to the team that he would be moving to Colorado with Holly. With just a few episodes left for Steve Carell, it’s nice to see his character Michael get a happy ending.

Other things to love about the episode include the garage sale, which added some much-needed comedy relief to a fairly lovey-dovey episode. A few highlights was Jim’s endless tormenting of Dwight. Dwight’s attempt to trade a thumb tack and end up with the most valuable thing at the garage sale was foiled when Jim convinced him to buy his “miracle legumes” aka magic beans.

Another great moment was when Andy, Darryl, and Kevin played the board game “Dallas.” Andy and Darryl attempted to take advantage of Kevin, but Kevin had a leg up the whole time — he ended up winning the seemingly pointless game by sneaking the money from the pot while Andy and Darryl attempted to fool him.

The last great moment came just before the proposal. The Dunder Mifflin office staff made an aisle for Michael and Holly to walk through. As they passed by, many of them asked Holly to marry them — including Angela, for which Michael commented, “That would be kinda hot. I’d pay to see that.”

All in all, this was another hilarious episode that will be grouped with the best episodes ever. (Some other greats include the The Injury, Dinner Party, and Beach Games). For a full episode list check out IMDB.

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