Best April Fools-Style Pranks from “The Office”

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Today is April 1st, notoriously known as the day to let your mischievous cleverness guide the way.  Some of the best pranks ever to be seen on TV came from the famed trickster duo: Dwight Schrute (Rain Wilson) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) from NBC’s The Office. Jim bides his time pulling ridiculously entertaining stunts on Dwight in almost every episode of its seven season run.

These are some of the best ‘Office’ pranks over the years:

1. Wrap a desk in gift wrap/saran wrap/newspaper

In Season 4’s Christmas episode, Jim wraps all of Dwight’s desk in wrapping paper – or so it seemed. This prank requires time and patience, but as demonstrated by Jim, is well worth the effort.

2. Encase stapler/name tag/favorite pen in Jello

This gag is from the Pilot episode and includes Jim’s awe-inspiring twist on the uses for this gelatin dessert.

3Convince someone that its the wrong day.

All day Thursday Jim works to discreetly convince Dwight that it is Friday. Do this in real life and cause your own foe to miss work.

4Come in dressed as another “office drone”

Jim captures Dwight perfectly in Season 3 “Product Recall.”

5. Faxes from the Future

While Jim is away from the office at another location, he uses clever tricks to communicate with Dwight, convincing Dwight he’s getting faxes from the future.

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