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Hollywood’s bad boy is back and we’re invited to look at the life of Charlie Sheen on tonight’s E! Hollywood True Story.

Sheen has recently been caught in the spotlight for his wild romantic life and overt the top rants. Tonight’s E! True Hollywood Story will be examining Sheen’s turbulent life from his early years in Hollywood to his recent departure from his hit TV series, “Two and a Half Men”. The show will be airing tonight t 10:00PM on E! and full of exclusive interviews from friends Daniel Baldwin, Bret Michaels, Heidi Fleiss and a handful of ex-girlfriends.

“Most men who go for hookers have a serious intimacy issue. They don’t feel they can have that connection with someone who isn’t as damaged. So the reason Charlie or somebody like him brings in this element is because it’s a mirror of who he is,” diagnoses Dr. Howard Samuels, the CEO of The Hills Treatment Center.

On a similar note, as an ex-girlfriend, Dolly Fox, recalls Sheen and her relationship, “We’d be holding hands and girls would come up and say, ‘Here’s my number, when you’re done with her.’”

Even Heidi Fleiss reveals exclusive details about her dealings with Sheen, “In the early ’90s, when I first started doing business with Charlie, it was great. He would tell me what he wanted and I would deliver what he wanted. One of my girls came back one day and said, ‘Oh, it was great – Charlie wanted me to dress as a cheerleader.'”

Tonight’s episode will a complete picture of Sheen’s life and even Sheen’s longtime friend Daniel Baldwin tells E!, “I think the chances of Charlie injuring himself or someone else are pretty high.  There are people openly talking about [how he] will he die soon. Knowing Charlie, probably not.  But does that mean that someone else isn’t gonna get injured or die or something else horrible isn’t gonna happen?”

The E! True Hollywood Story: Charlie Sheen will reveal more about Sheen than ever before.

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