Saturday Night Live kicks off new season with two bombs

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Megan Fox and the ‘F bomb’

SNL made its debut this past Saturday and bombed – twice. Not only did Megan Fox’s performance leave something to be desired, but new cast member Jenny Slate dropped the “F bomb.”

It’s good news for Megan Fox that everyone is talking about the slip up by Slate, and not her performance. The slip occurred during a skit where she, Kristen Wiig, and Megan Fox were playing a rough and tough biker gang.

The slip was an obvious mistake. The entire sketch was centered around repeatedly using the word “freakin.” Immediately after she spoke, her face lit up with shock and surprise. She hid her embarrassment fairly well, but the night will most likely haunt her a long time to come.

It looks like it’s not just the public that will have to forgive the amateur’s slip of the tongue. Apparently NBC execs also understand that it was a mistake that any over-excited person would make on their first night on live TV.

Lucky for her, SNL airs late enough to escape any FCC fines. The slip occurred around 12:40 AM and Saturday Night Live is not expected to face fines over the incident.

As for Megan Fox? It’s no wonder that all the hype about her surrounds her looks. Even her monologue pointed to the fact that most people know her from pictures on the internet rather than her acting chops.

Her performances weren’t awful, but there weren’t any real stand out moments either. She played several characters including a flight attendant, a Russian mail-order bride, and an assistant in a fake commercial for an instructional sex tape.

After her performance on Saturday, it’s no wonder her acting career isn’t what she’s known for.

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