Jimmy Fallon, Melissa McCarthy and Harry Styles on SNL

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Jimmy Fallon hosted the latest Saturday Night Live (April 15, 2017) which featured musical guest Harry Styles and the return of beloved guest star Melissa McCarthy. This particular SNL was the first ever to be recorded and aired from Coast to Coast, so we were expecting an extra special evening full of laughs and that is exactly what we got.

Though Fallon has had a rough couple of months with “the hair incident” and ‘The Tonight Show’s’ ratings going down, his performance on SNL might’ve been the key for a come back. From the get go, he started off with a sensory overloaded monologue titled, “Let’s Dance” where the entire audience was involved, danced with him, and were taken back stage.

Furthermore, he had some of the most hilarious skits we’ve seen from SNL in a while. One of our favorites is titled, “Take me Back,” where he belted out ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ in a whiny singing voice.

One of the most hilarious moments on SNL was Melissa McCarthy’s performance on “An Easter Message from Sean Spicer” where she played Sean Spicer in a bunny costume. Though McCarthy wasn’t physically there on set because she couldn’t make it to NYC from LA in time, her performance was still one of the most memorable of the night.

Also, Harry Style’s performance was unexpectedly incredible, even though some fans still undoubtedly miss Zayn Malik. He sang his first single, ‘Sign of the Times,’ from his forthcoming, self-titled debut album, expected to release on May 12. His second performance of ‘Ever Since New York,’ was equally as impressive. Styles was last seen on SNL in December 2014 with the rest of boyband One Direction. Styles also was seen in the majority of the skits last Saturday and was especially remembered for his performance as Mick Jagger in, ‘Family Fued: Time Travel Edition.’

With Fallon as host, guest star McCarthy, and the angelic voice of Styles, SNL was arguably one of the best ones yet. Make sure to check out the whole episode when you can! Below, are Harry Style’s performances to give you a taste of what you missed.

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