OMG! CW returns with hotter than ever line-up for Fall 2009

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It seems as if every season, the jaw-dropping shock value of CW’s new shows and season premieres prove the network to be unrivaled in the high school to young adult market. This fall, three shows were introduced to the already sizzling line-up, making the weekly schedule busting at the seams with in-your-face drama and surreal story lines.

As much as we resent all the anorexic modelish looking boys and girls chosen to supposedly represent “real” high-school and college students… were addicted to the brain poison, and tune in weekly for heavy doses.

Ashley Simpson-Wentz to star in Melrose Place (Photo from 'watchwithkristin' via Flickr)

Ashley Simpson-Wentz to star in Melrose Place (Photo from 'watchwithkristin' via Flickr)

The anticipated modern remake of an old favorite, Melrose Place, was introduced to audiences everywhere on Tuesday Sept. 8 at 9PM with a star studded cast including newlywed and new mama Ashley Simpson. Despite the quirky sweet personality of hers we know and love, she plays a mysterious newcomer with dark secrets. She presents a lot of questions that will keep viewers coming back for more.

L.J. Smith’s renowned book series, The Vampire Diaries, has jumped off the pages onto the popular CW channel as well. With an already heavy following of the storyline and characters, the network did the novels justice by selecting a myriad of actors from hit TV shows including Smallville, Everwood and  Friday Night Lights along with Candice Accola from “Juno” and Katerina Graham from “17 Again”.

With the plethora of reality city-set drama in the networks other successful programs, this innovative series presents a dark ominous tone unseen in this early time-slot. We will have to see how long it can hold onto its Thursday 8 PM viewers, but for now, the first two weeks have deemed promising.

The third and most scandalous series premiere set to debut on Sept. 16th at 9 PM San Diego time, is The Beautiful Life: TBL produced by Ashton Kutcher and starring Mischa Barton.

In this day in age, young people everywhere seem to be obsessed with the fashion world and the lives of “the beautiful people.” It seems as if they are paid for exiting the womb better looking than the rest of us, and their job consists solely of partying, wearing fabulous clothes, and spending their money wherever they see fit. The CW capitalized on this modern obsession, showing the not-so-beautiful side of the fashion industry.

Photo from 'LiGado em Serie' via Flickr

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf (Photo from 'LiGado em Serie' via Flickr)

Along with the new shows this season, old favorites are returning with revamped characters and spicy new exploits. Gossip Girl has been on for 2 seasons and has opened its third with just as much mind boggling love triangles and squares as last time.

This drama has created a cult following of young women around the United States and does not intend on losing its audience due to its most popular characters going off to college.

This season will bring back some old faces as well as completely restructure the social fabric of Serena’s (Blake Lively) personal and social life, making her a pain in everyone’s side, a pain so annoying and dramatic we just can’t take our eyes off the screen. Blair (Leighton Meester), Chuck (Chad Westwick), Dan (Penn Badgley) and Nate (Chace Crawford) also return as old favorites with just as much bitching, sexual misconduct, and rebellious behavior as ever before. As for the rest of the cast, tune in on Mondays at 9 PM to see what trouble they have been getting themselves into.

Another veteran returning with anticipation is the successful spin-off 90210. They have booted some old characters , Brenda and Ethan (sorry ladies), and brought on some new faces such as Teddy, also making Liam (Matt Lanter)  part of the regular cast.

This series has been deemed “too racy for early evening television” by parents, and immorally intoxicating behavior for characters who are supposed to be on the mere edge of 16 years old. Although, these arguments definitely hold relevance (considering last season finale ended with Annie, Shenae Grimes, driving with a bottle of vodka in hand and hitting a person in the road, only to drive away) it seems that these days, the shock value is what makes for good television. And shock is one thing that 90210 is not lacking.

The season premiere is full of scenes that make you cringe with humiliation for Annie and scorn in hatred for Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and her evil older sister. It is this type of evocation of emotion that has drawn it’s enormous following of dedicated fans. Sorry parentals, but it does not look like this zip code will be retired anytime soon.

Other returning hits include America’s Next Top Model , Smallville, Supernatural, and One Tree Hill. Each with new twists and unrelenting drama and action you can check out a complete roster of the new fall CW line-up here.

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