Entertainer Quickie: Jesse James and Kat Von D Split, Leighton Meester Sues Her Mother

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Kat Von D and Jesse James have decided to go their separate ways after being engaged since January.

The former couple first announced their relationship in September and had planned on a summer wedding. Speculations were flying on the reason for the split.

According to CBS News, James told People the factor that led up to their breakup was the distance. The distance was too much for them with Von D having to work in Los Angeles and James living at his home in Austin, Texas.

James currently lives with his three children, Chandler, 16, Jesse Jr., 14, and Sunny, 7. He is known for his past role as the host of “Jesse James is a Dead Man,” a TV reality series that airs on Spike TV.

James was also the host of TV series “Monster Garage” as well as the documentary “Motorcycle Mania.” Both the series as well as the documentary were aired on the Discovery Channel. Besides being a TV celebrity, the star is also the CEO of West Coast Choppers, a manufacturing company that specializes in custom-made motorcycles.

Last June he and former wife Sandra Bullock divorced due to his infidelity with Michelle McGee. According to the Huffington Post, when James and Von D announced their engagement, McGee warned Von D that the motorcycle mogul “doesn’t have a faithful bone in his body.”

James and Von D. have denied the rumors of James’ infidelity. They stated that their separation was a mutual decision.

Von D, a tattoo artist and TV celebrity, is well known for her talented tattoo artistry. Her artwork has even gained her enough fame to have her own series, “LA Ink.”

On her Twitter account, she confirmed to the world that she and James were separating and that she will not be sharing more information about it out of the respect she has for his family, James, and herself.

Speaking of emotional battles of life, Leighton Meester, the star of “Gossip Girl,” has been thrown into the spotlight and court light as her legal battle against her mother takes a turn for the worse.

The young star recently sued her mother, Constance Meester, over claims that she used her daughter’s payments toward the family for her own purposes.

According to Wetpaint Gossip Girl, Leighton accused her mother of using the funds, meant for her little brother who currently has severe medical issues, for herself to pay for cosmetic enhancements such as plastic surgery, Botox and “other beauty trivialities.”

Her mother is fighting back with her own lawsuit by accusing her daughter of breaching an oral contract that requires Leighton to pay her $10,000 each month. Leighton is currently paying $7500 each month towards her family and denies that she made the agreement.

Constance desires an undisclosed amount for damages due from her claim of her daughter’s failure to pay the supposed payment. Since the agreement was oral and not written means the court battles will become complicated.

Starpulse states that the mother claims the financial income was payment for the sacrifices she had made for Leighton’s star career. She states that Leighton’s family had “sacrificed” their happiness for her daughter’s career.

Constance is also accusing her daughter of assault by claiming that her daughter attacked her in December by throwing her to the ground and beating her with a bottle.

The mother claims that Leighton’s actions are harmful for her brother, Alexander, since he needs 24-hour care from Constance. By not paying the required amount there are “no funds to feed and care for Alexander.”

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