Financial tip of the month from top financial advisor, Steve Sexton

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Each month the San Diego Entertainer Magazine brings you the best entertainment and lifestyle segments on E&L TV. The show airs the first Sunday of the month at 5pm on Channel 6 (CW). It has been two months since we have seen Steve Sexton on Channel 6, but fortunately for us he returned in March to offer advice for all of our financial woes.

Last time we saw him, in January, he offered his wisdom on the current state of the market. He noted the dangers of sitting on investments and just hoping that an investment will pay off. During that time, he talked about ways to approach investments with tax season right around the corner.

In the month of March, Steve Sexton sat down with Marc Bailey of “San Diego Living.” The two men have worked up a great television relationship and Bailey asks all of the right questions to get Sexton to address those important issues that we are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear.

He began by addressing some of the current events from the last two months, highlighting some of the overarching impacts of some important moments. In the wake of tax season Steve Sexton talked to us about not letting our dollars fall through the cracks. This addressed an issue similar to that of the January episode specifically noting the money lost in fees and taxes that is entirely unnecessary. Sexton talks about ways to prevent this and talks about how to communicate your desires for your financial portfolio to your adviser.

We encourage you to take the time to watch the video above, and even look for his other financial tips of the week to make sure you are in your best financial health going into the second quarter of this year. We are happy to be “Your Source for Everything San Diego,” and we look forward to more financial planning next month.

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