NBC Makes Major Overhaul of TV Schedule, CBS to do their own

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Midway into the TV season, networks are announcing changes to their line-ups, especially NBC.

The major network, NBC, has struggled to find its footing among viewers this year with 7 new series’ but no hits.  Changes to the schedule include an added three-hour comedy block on Thursdays, placing The Event on a three-month hiatus, adding two dramas and a sitcom and rearranging the time slots of Parenthood, Chase, and both Law & Order series’.

NBC will also be adding to its reality TV section.  The game show Minute to Win It and Who do You Think You Are?, the celebrity genealogy show, will both be returning.  They will be joined by a couples edition of The Biggest Loser, while The Marriage Ref, Celebrity Apprentice and new show America’s Next Great Restaurant are scheduled for March.

NBC comedy filled Thursdays will have new show Perfect Couples at 8:30 p.m. moving the newly renewed 30 Rock to the 10 spot – a time spot where The Apprentice has already failed this fall.  Parks and Recreation will follow hit series The Office at 9:30, pushing back Outsourced back to 10:30.

One of the key disappointments for NBC this season was their much hyped new series The Event.  The show will end its current run Nov. 29, but is not scheduled to return until Feb. 28.  Other new series’ that turned out duds include Outlaw which has already been ended and Undercovers which will air its last episode Dec. 1.

CBS is also making news, with rumors about the cancellation of Medium.  The network has not said anything since cutting the amount of episodes this season from 22 to 13 last month.  And though there is no official word from the network, the star of the show Patricia Arquette has been quoted saying “we got canceled” and that there were only two more episodes to shoot.

CBS’s hit comedy The Big Bang Theory is still going strong however, and has just announced that Mayim Bialik, who plays Sheldon’s female friend, has been made a regular for the remainder of the season.

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