Jimmy Kimmel’s National Unfriend Day: Getting Rid of “Friend Fat”

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The holiday season usually amounts to a little weight gain thanks to that turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy but  this year Jimmy Kimmel is telling everyone to lose some of that “friend fat.” Talk show host and comedian Kimmel has called for a new holiday— Nation Unfriend Day [NUD] in which Facebook users will cleanse their profiles and unfriend people you don’t really consider a friend. On his website, Kimmel states, “NUD is the international day when all Facebook users shall protect the sacred nature of friendship by cutting out any ‘friend fat’ on their pages occupied by people who are not truly their friends.”

I know it’s a daunting task but here at The Entertainer we’ve come up with 10 reasons you should unfriend someone:

1)      You Don’t Know Them: It may seem obvious but if you don’t know them, don’t add them. Why would you befriend someone you don’t know at all? Lose ‘em.

2)      They Are Your Parents, Grandparents, Etc: I know your mom and dad just want to keep in touch but really… grandma and grandpa? If it comes to the point that you get phone calls about “inappropriate” photos or comments, unfriend (or at least set up privacy settings)! Just stick to old forms of communication, the telephone has worked for hundreds of years.

3)      You Haven’t Seen or Talked to Them since Elementary School: I know it’s nice to see where people are these days, or see how people have changed since school. But if you haven’t talked or seen someone in over 10 years, there’s no need for them to be your “friend” on Facebook. Wait for that 20 year reunion.

4)      They’re on “Limited” to view your Profile: Why be a friend to someone who you don’t want to share your life with. Your profile includes so much information about yourself; if you don’t want them to see parts of your profile they shouldn’t see it at all.

5)      They send you tons of event invites: Are they really a friend of yours or do they just work to promote. When was the last time you actually talked and caught up? Are they associated with a promoter company? Look at the events you get invited to, do you have any remote interest on clicking “I’m attending”? If not, you’re not really gonna loose out on the invites or a “friend.”

6)      They Bring You Down: You know who I’m talking about. The “friends” that can’t help but post emo song lyrics as statuses just crying for some attention on Facebook. Most status may include, “life sucks” or “just get me through this day.” They just can’t keep from complaining or having a negative outlook on life. Studies say that negative people bring your mood down, that’s something you don’t need in a friend.

7)      All of your communication includes game invites and quizzes: There is only so much Farmville one can take, enough said— unfriend.

8 )      You’ve Already Hidden them from Your Newsfeed: I know it’s harsh but if you don’t want to see what they’ve been doing why keep them on board as a friend. If you’re unwilling to look at a glimpse of their lives on your Newsfeed— you’re not about to call them up and see how they are. Unfriend please.

9)      They’re Your Boss, Teacher or Relative: If you don’t want them to see your pictures from your last night out on the town, they probably shouldn’t have access to your profile. More and more employers are cracking down on Facebook profiles to have a full understanding of who they are hiring. If you wouldn’t want a future employer or your professor reading your comments and inside jokes, unfriend them. Really you shouldn’t have added them in the first place.

10)   You’d Never Say Hi to Them in Real Life: So friends on Facebook seem to have a different definition than friends in the real world. We all have those “friends” that we met a party or bar but never really see and when we finally do see them again, NEVER would say hello or they don’t say hello to you. These are unnecessary friends; leave them out of your life.

Hope this helps in the celebration of this new made up holiday, National Unfriend Day is here unfriend away.

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