Jessica Jones Final Season Review

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones Goes Out Swinging

Netflix may have canceled Jessica Jones before it even started streaming its third season, but the show goes out with a powerful punch. 

Jessica Jones takes one final stance in a powerful and interesting third season. The final season further explores the conflicting idea of justice, the possibility of forgiveness and redemption, and what it truly means to be a hero through Jessica’s fragile relationship with her adoptive sister, Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor).

Marvel’s Jessica Jones; Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Jessica Jones was easily the strongest show produced in the Netflix/Marvel partnership, even after the major let down of The Defenders, and gets back to what the show is good at – gritty, fun detective stuff. Even though she has superpowers, Jessica tends to remain low-key, using her super strength to intimidate suspects or punch through locked doors. Krysten Ritter remains the perfect casting choice for this character. The show mainly works because of Ritter, let’s be honest here. 

This season focuses on power as a concept, what people are willing to do to get it and what will they do once they have it. This is shown through Trish, who now has catlike superpowers and Jessica’s relationship with the season’s big bad. I don’t what to give away to much, but we do meet another gifted character early on, and all three have to make some tough calls about the responsibility of the paths they have chosen. 

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

It seems only fair that the Netflix/Marvel universe comes to a close with a season that reminds of how good these shows actually were, except maybe Iron Fist. I’m gonna miss watching Jessica Jones and knowing that there won’t be another new season saddens me because there is so much more that can be explored.

Jessica Jones season 3 is one last victory for Netflix/Marvel and hopefully will get to see Ritter inhabit this character again on the big screen or some other format. 

All episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones are now streaming on Netflix.

Critic Rating: 4/5 stars

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