The Hills: an aftermath update- week 4

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Justin's still in the game. (Photo by Oreos via Wikimedia)

Justin's still in the game. (Photo by Oreos via Wikimedia)

Last week Kristen was out for revenge after Justin Bobby pulled a player move by ditching her at Brody’s party. However, Justin being the player he is, cooks Kristen dinner and he’s back in the game. Holly, Heidi’s sister, put her drinking problem on public notice at a party thrown by Heidi’s boss. After being confronted, Holly promises to find new best friends besides Jack, Jose, and Jim. Oh, and Audrina sneaks in a private rooftop cabana meeting with her ex, Justin, and being wooed over by him also.

This week begins with Kristen hanging out with Stacie the bartender again discussing their stressful complicated lives. Excuse me, but when did Kristen become best friends with Stacie? Did Kristen hear about the battle between Stacie and Heidi thinking, “I found a new best friend!”

Anyways, to de-stress their world, Kristen throws a beach party at her Malibu pad. Kristen also uses this chance to test Justin’s boyfriend potential and claiming a no show will bring no more love from Kristen. If she has to test Justin to see if he has potential, then he’s not worth it.  A guy shouldn’t require a test or final exam to be datable.

As talk about Kristen’s party circulates through the grapevine, Brody and Jade explode into an argument over it. It’s obvious Jade doesn’t want anything to do with Kristen, but because Brody is such good friend with Kristen (and he’s also her ex) he would be rude not to go to her party despite Jade, right?  He needs to figure out who he wants to be with. If he wants to be with Jade and he know she thinks about pulling Kristen’s hair out anytime she sees her, then for relationship sake, maybe it’s not a good idea to be hanging out with your ex.  Jade is too much a jealous chick and Brody is way too good at his “I’m an innocent flirt” bit. 

In Speidiland, Spencer is surprised yet again with the company of Enzo in his living room. Heidi always seems to forget to tell Spencer she volunteered herself to babysit. Ooops.

Kristen’s beach party kicks off with the first guest being Stephanie and Holly. After Holly discusses her drinking habit with her sister, she grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge and maintains her cool throughout the party. Just Kidding.  Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be The Hills if it worked out that way. Within the first five minutes of walking through the door, Holly decrees she is a Jack woman as she reaches for the bottle, with shots close to follow.

The party ends with Holly challenging everyone to a dance off, Justin sends a “Sorry can’t make it” text, but shows up anyways, and Brody gets into another fight about whom else but Kristen. The next morning, Kristen entertains the thought of dating Brody after having more fun with him than Justin at the party. Sure he has a girlfriend, but why should that stop her?

Stephanie meets with Heidi to try another intervention with Holly. Heidi and Holly have a close sisterly moment as Heidi explains she would never want to lose Holly to drinking. Holly cries for a moment, is overcome with emotion and storms out while waving the bird. There almost was a happy ending. Almost.

Check in next week for another aftermath update of The Hills.

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