Here’s Why You Should Be Watching Stranger Things

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In 2016, season one of Stranger Things was released on Netflix. Created and directed by the Duffer Brothers, the series focuses around a group of kids who go on a mission to find their missing friend after a series of strange occurrences. Within the first five minutes of the show, you know you’re in for a special ride; one that is entirely unique from all the other shows out there. The first thing to catch your eye is the unmistakable nostalgia that oozes into every scene. The bad haircuts, synth-heavy music score, and the omnipresent paranoia of imminent nuclear war with Russia perfectly plays into the 80’s time period it takes place in.

Beginning with a plot that seems taken straight out of the X-Files, the story moves along with a perfect blend of paranormal horror and science-fiction that seems to transcend any typical television genre. As you continue to watch story unfold, you’ll be transfixed to see such a modern show portray the classic 80’s style reminiscent of films like Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and E.T.. It takes the viewer back to a simpler time unencumbered by the complexities of the digital age. The portrayal of the subtle nuances of navigating teenage life and the struggles that the characters are faced with bring with it a new life to television.

While the story is thrilling, and certainly scary at times, the real standout aspect of the show is the spectacular cast. The group of misfit boys the series center on includes actors Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp. Starring as the mysterious Eleven is Millie Bobby Brown, a fantastic young actress that gives a phenomenal breakout performance. From the get-go, you can instantly see the chemistry between this group of kids. Each of these young actors and actresses have such raw talent, you often find it hard to believe just how young they really are. Winona Ryder is also featured in the cast, bringing with her a veteran performance that is accentuated by her roles from the 80’s.

Stranger Things takes such a beloved time in our culture, and recreates it with style and ease, resulting in a slick and simply fun adventure to watch. There is simply no other show out right now that matches it. Watching it takes you on a ride that is accentuated by well placed horror, science-fiction, and a strong overall sense of comedic relief by the talented young actors that deal with their own personal difficulties. Now, with season 2 finally released, you have the chance to make Stranger Things your new binge-worthy show. With the holidays coming up, you will certainly have the chance to connect with the characters in this story without missing a beat.

After watching season 2, the exciting developments that take place set the stage for even more exploration within the Stranger Things universe. The Duffer Brothers have created something very special with Stranger Things, so be sure to check it out on Netflix.

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