Game of Thrones Trailer #2

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Despite San Diego’s rising temperatures attributed to the start of summer, winter is undoubtedly coming in Westeros. HBO just released another trailer of Game of Thrones that had chills running down our spine with every second that past. The show officially starts on July 16, so get ready.

At the start of the second trailer, solemn keys of a piano are played as Sansa Stark tip toed through the freezing weather and Little Fingers narrated, “Fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind.” Right from the get go, we can assume that Sansa might betray her family members and go out on her own regardless of the many opposing sides out to get her. Though we don’t necessarily believe she will go so far as marry Little Fingers, anything is possible in GOT.

The music picked up, and so did the action in the video. From Jon Snow, to Daenerys, to Cersei, to Aria, almost every character was shown in the trailer. Wars broke out amongst opposing sides, swords transformed to fire, and dragons showed no mercy. Moreover, the dragons appeared larger and grander than ever before.

When the trailer came to a close, it seamlessly came full circle, but didn’t expect anything less from GOT. An anonymous horseback rider, trotted swiftly in the midst of the snowstorm. Sansa narrated in the background, “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies. But the pack survives.” After Sansa stated this, the back of Jon Snow was seen alone after smiting someone with his sword during what appears to be the most severe war.

Obviously, GOT season 7 is going to be filled with action-packed war scenes, unexpected romance, and will bring back all of our favorite/most hated characters. Make sure to watch HBO’s Game of Thrones this coming July for potentially the best season yet.

Watch the trailer below for the full experience:

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