“Game of Thrones” : Why you should be watching and what to expect in season two

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Game of ThronesThe second season of “Game of Thrones” is finally here, well…nearly here. The highly anticipated show returns on April 1st on HBO. Now, if you haven’t quite yet caught on to the show, for whatever reason,  you should speed through the first season between now and Sunday and here’s why.

“Game of Thrones” happens to be one of the best series on television right now. Most television shows are slow to start but within the first couple episodes “Game of Thrones” rapidly set itself apart with the ambitious reality it presented. This fantasy epic, based on the book series by George R.R. Martin, has everything you could ever want in a show: violence, betrayal, unpredictable plot, sex, love, and most important, a plethora of amazing characters.

While the entire cast is incredible, it’s easy to see why Tyrion Lannister is by far the best character in the show and even on television. Played by the amazingly talented Peter Dinklage, who won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the role, Tyrion eclipses anyone else in a scene with him. It’s difficult as a viewer to pay attention to anyone else when Tyrion is perfectly executing his survival strategies, all while perfectly executing his relations with prostitutes and alcohol. Dinklage is absolutely mesmerizing, which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has followed his work through the years. He has a habit of effortlessly owning every production he’s in and it’s a complete privilege to watch.

Now, for those of you who haven’t seen the first season, you may want to quit reading. I’m not going to ruin anything major but there will be some minor spoilers ahead regarding what’s to come in the second season.

The struggle for the Iron Throne that captivated in season one, is going to absolutely upend the lives of many characters in the second season. You’ll be seeing King Joffrey’s lineage disputed, with armies led by five different kings that rise up against him. While they’re all fighting to knock the undeserving prepubescent twit from the throne, they’re also battling one another, each one striving to be the King that unites the lands. Each contender will have his own army (practically everyone has an army in the second season), and each will have his own strategy of success.

Now, one can’t be at war without blood and betrayals and what would “Games of Thrones” be if characters weren’t turning on one another at a moment’s notice? The upcoming season has plenty of betrayal to appease, and a few are sure to shock you with the violent consequences. It’s this murkiness of humanity that happens to be one of the show’s driving forces. Characters who appear to be loyal and good at the start, are revealed to be duplicitous. Throughout the show you will be hard pressed to pin-point a character who is truly good or evil, as you are never able to truly trust anyone. A clean division just doesn’t happen and if you are able to think of a character who can be considered good or evil, I guarantee that it will not end well. Just think back on Ned Stark, played by the excellent Sean Bean. He was the only character that one could consider good and just look what happened to him.

You can also look forward to catching up with your favorite characters in season two. We last saw Tyrion Lannister when he was named Hand of the King, which is a pretty powerful position to have and he makes himself necessary by using his quick wit and intelligence. Almost as popular as Tyrion is Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. The first season ended with the birth of her dragons, a moment that the audience had been waiting for since they first laid eyes on the eggs. Daenerys sense of self only grows stronger as she leads a small army on a journey, all while protecting the young dragons while they grow.

Those who have read the books on which the series is based will know what’s to come and will be thrilled to finally see some characters come to life in the second season, including Ygritte, Melisandre, Gendry, and Margaery Tyrell. However, whether you’ve read the books or not, the show is an entity all its own and no one ever walks away disappointed.

Just how “Game of Thrones” is held together so artfully is unfathomable. With so many plots and subplots, featuring so many different characters with different agendas, it’s baffling how the show is able to give each aspect the necessary attention at the precise moment it is needed. Somehow, the many pieces of “Game of Thrones” work together to create a reality that pulses with life and while it may be early to say, season one is nothing compared with what’s coming up ahead.

Check out the trailer below and don’t miss season two, starting April 1, 2012 on HBO!


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