Ellen Hosts Twitter Contest at UCSD!

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Picture Via Flikr (ronpaulrevolt2008)

Picture Via Flikr (ronpaulrevolt2008)

Watch out UCSD, Ellen is Tweeting Her Way to Your School!

Ellen DeGeneres is hosting a challenge at UCSD today, which will be aired on her show at 3 pm tomorrow! 

Ellen’s first twitter announcement about this started last Wednesday afternoon and continued throughout the evening. She will be using Twitter to post instructions throughout the day on what followers will need to do to take part in the game, and hopefully win.

Earlier today Ellen posted “Followers: I’m having another Twitter challenge in San Diego tomorrow. Keep following my tweets-it pays off!”

In the past she has done a twitter competition at The University of Oregon as well. Ellen typically asks her Twitter followers to bring something unique to the location. The first ones to arrive will have a chance to complete another challenge and win a big prize. What will the prize be this time? Who knows? But no doubt it will be fun to participate.

If you’re in the area and have access to your Twitter account, give it a go. Your hard work may pay off in the end. Plus, you could be on TV.

To add Ellen or follow her tweets so you can participate in the contest click on this link. Or, follow SD Entertainer on Twitter. We’ll be RT-ing her instructions throughout the day.

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