The Hills: an aftermath update- week 2

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the drama continues (Photo by Oreos via Wikimedia)

the drama continues (Photo by Oreos via Wikimedia)

To catch up from last week, Kristen tries to make good with Audrina by inviting her to lunch, but Audrina wanted to avoid that conversation more than Taylor Swift talking about her run in with Kanye West.

Kristen blew off the diss and hopped on the Justin Bobby train.  While the cat fight ensues, Heidi and Spencer move into their new ‘bachelor pad,” picked out by his truly, Spencer.  As he’s enjoying the no-baby vibe of their new home, Speidi soon comes across their neighbors and their fun-loving nephew Enzo.  Heidi loves him; Spencer wants to set up Enzo traps.

This week focuses more on the blooming relationship between Kristen and Justin.  As Kristen goes birthday shopping for Brody’s surprise party she reveals to Stacy how she wants to go to the party with Justin.  Geez, for being such a man eater, Kristen sure is getting attached to Justin quickly.  It must be the slimeball in him.

At Brody’s party the buzz about Kristen and Justin is swarming non stop; after all, no one can fart in the hills without it being posted on twitter.  Where’s Justin?  Is Justin coming?  Kristen, shouldn’t you know where he is?…. Really who cares?  There are too many egos there to begin with. Plus, adding Mr. Justin Bobby to the mix would cause the plates in the earth to shift, creating an unstoppable tsunami that would crash into Malibu sweeping all of the arrogance, drama and fictitious B.S. into the depths of the deep blue.  Actually, on second thought…

Prince charming, Brody, sees the burn Justin left on Kristin by not showing up and comes to the rescue.  Oh charming Brody, trying to be the good guy to everyone —  except Jade.  Queen Jade sees Brody’s heroic act and tries to set Kristin on fire with her mind. Maybe not, but there’s a good chance she was trying.  Watch the episode, and you’ll see the death stare.  It probably didn’t help that Brody’s mom was cheering for team Kristen.

The evening ends back at Kristen’s place, minus Jade, because every birthday party needs an after party, right?

Back at Speidi’s pad, Spencer brags about his pad to Charlie and wines about Enzo as he comes over to play.  The best part is, Enzo knows the gate code so he can drop by whenever he feels like it.  Go Heidi!

Unfortunatly, Spencer’s a-hole self decides to perform and decides to play hide-and-seek with cute little Enzo.  Guess who’s hiding and whose seeking? If Speidi continues to be Enzo’s neighbor, he’s going to walk away with some serious mental problems.  They like me.  They don’t like me.  I’ve been hiding for a long time…

Later on a dinner date, Speidi discusses the future, particularly what to bring next into their home.  A dog?  A cat?  A bird?  How about a baby?  It’s just like a pet!  Spencer claims he had no idea that Heidi would want kids.  Heidi doesn’t buy it and reminds Spencer that they actually are married and with marriage comes a dictatorship — at least in the Speidi relationship.

Meanwhile, Audrina keeps a lookout for a new relationship and decides to give Justin’s friend Derek a try. Of course it wouldn’t be out of spite or revenge that she would want a date with him, right? It’s just because they have been friends and he’s a nice guy. Sure. It’s funny how she wants to move on and date other people to get away from Justin Bobby, but starts first with his friend.  That’s a good strategy.

The show ends with Kristen discussing the pros and cons of Justin Bobby with Stacey (who by the way is drinking a martini in the morning; the breakfast of champions) after Brody’s birthday party.  She recalls how Justin played the same games with Audrina.  Even though he played those games with Audrina, he would never do the same with Kristen because he’s a changed man.  Yeah, okay.

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