The Craziest Simpsons Predictions That Actually Came True

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The Simpsons is the longest running TV show in history, and is known for being one of the very best when it comes to humorous satire revolving around American culture. Throughout its more than 600 episodes, creator Matt Groening and his team have made some pretty spooky predictions of major events in American history that have come true. Here are some of the craziest ones throughout the 29 seasons of The Simpsons.

Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger Attack

Season 5, Episode 10: $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

Predicted: 1993
Came true: 2003

When Springfield makes the decision to legalize gambling, a casino opens and German magicians Gunter and Ernst perform a routine reminiscent of the infamous Siegfried and Roy show. In the scene, we see the animated duo attacked by their tiger, which happened to the real-life Roy Horn during a performance where his white Bengal tiger mauled him on stage.

NSA Spying Scandal

The Simpsons Movie

Predicted: 2007
Came true: 2013

When the Simpson family is forced into hiding following their escape the biodome, the NSA is able to locate Marge by listening to one of their conversations. This was six years prior to the revelations of the NSA spying on the American public, brought to light by former analyst Edward Snowden.

Donald Trump’s Presidency

Season 11, Episode 17: Bart to the Future

Predicted: 2000
Came true: 2016

While Trump’s presidency was still 16 years away, we find out when Bart flashes forward into adulthood, and finds out that Lisa becomes president, following the presidency of Donald Trump. Writer Dan Greaney explained to the Hollywood Reporter that the joke was meant to be seen as a warning to the country at the time.

Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show

Season 23, Episode 22: Lisa Goes Gaga

Predicted: 2012
Came true: 2017

Five years before Lady Gaga’s actual performance, she performed as her doppleganger for the citizens of Springfield, while suspended in mid-air. She was even decked out in a costume similar to what she wore in the actual Super Bowl LI performance.


Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding

Predicted: 1995
Came true: 2010

A full 15 years ahead of its time, The Simpsons predicted that FaceTime would be a feature in mobile phones, referencing an obscure Apple device called the Newton.


Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding

Predicted: 1995
Came true: 2014

This episode, we see Lisa visiting a fortune-teller at a renaissance fair, where we are transported 15 years into the future to 2010, and we see a man communicating with people via a wristwatch. The prediction came a full 19 years in advance, where voice recognition-enabled smartwatches became available in 2014.

Faulty Voter Machines

Season 20, Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XIX

Predicted: 2008
Came true: 2012

Inspired by the 2008 presidential election, in this episode we see Homer trying to vote for then presidential candidate Barack Obama, only to see that the voting machine he was using changes his selection to John McCain. This prediction came true during the 2012 presidential campaign, where video footage emerged of Pennsylvania machine changing a vote from Obama to Mitt Romney. 

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