Entertainer Quickie: Soulja Boy Buys Himself a Birthday Gift & Denise Richards on Sheen and Plastic Surgery

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Soulja Boy’s Birthday Gift to Himself

Most of us like birthdays because we receive gifts from others. Well, Soulja Boy certainly gave a new meaning to giving and receiving as he presents himself a $55 million worth of a private G5 jet with interior upgrades for his birthday.

The Gulfstream G5 itself cost $35 million, but as TMZ reports, he will be spending $20 million on upgrades that will include nothing short of “12 custom Italian leather seats, flat screen TVs, 4 liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor, and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.”

He’s not forgetting exterior design though as he is planning on giving the jet a paint job that will include his logo.

Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, turned 21 on Thursday and is celebrating his birthday in Miami tonight. Sean Kingston, Bow Wow, and Dwight Howard are all expected to attend the nightclub celebration. For those worried about missing the party, Soulja Boy has kindly planned to stream the celebration live on his website – for a fee.

Denise Richards’ Confessions on Sheen and Plastic Surgery

Denise Richards finally breaks her silence. Over eight months ago, Charlie Sheen, Richard’s ex-husband threatened porn star Capri Anderson with a knife in a New York’s Plaza Hotel room. And where was Richards? She was in fact in staying at the same hotel with their two daughters just across the hall.

After months of staying mum, Richards finally reveals it all to US Weekly in an interview. Richards recalled how the evening started with Sheen inviting her to dinner with a few ‘friends’. Those friends turned out to be porn stars. She says, “Once I realized what these women did for a living, I thought, ‘It’s one meal; you can suck it up and get through it,’ It’s not my place to judge how they make a paycheck.”

After putting her two kids in bed, the cops showed up and one questioned her. She eventually rode with the sergeant to the hospital to make sure Sheen was alright, and then proceeded to head back.

Shockingly enough that wasn’t only thing Richards revealed. She confessed that she has gone under the knife for breast enlargement and regrets it. She told US Weekly, “”When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I’d asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn’t research my doctor.”

Richards attempted another surgical procedure to correct the mistake, but instead she was given bigger implants on her second attempt. She admits that she should have sued the doctor, but she did not want the media attention at the time as she was ready to film for the movie, ‘Wild Things’.

Photos by believekevin and Vivanista1 via Flickr

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