Carpool Karaoke ‘Mannequin’ Style, Featuring Victoria Beckham

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On Wednesday March 29, Beckham teased Instagram followers with a subtle and short video directly stating she was in the process of filming Carpool Karaoke. In fact, she even briefly showed James Corden at the end of the video story. The former Spice Girl’s tease became a reality Thursday night and differed from past episodes of James Corden’s past ‘Carpool Karaoke’ episodes considering the 80’s parody inspiration.

Similar to the 80’s movie, ‘Mannequin,’ where Kim Catrall plays a mannequin who comes to life, Beckham acted as a mannequin behind a stage, and quickly understands she doesn’t belong there. Corden, hero and deep admirer of the Beckham mannequin, came to her rescue. However, Corden is the only person in the world who can hear her voice and see her movement, which subsequently causes havoc. Inevitably, the outside world views Corden as a crazy person as he drags the mannequin around, drives her in his car, and talks to her in broad daylight.


It seemed only fitting that the song the former Spice Girl and Corden sang together in the car scene was Spice Girl’s, ‘Spice up Your Life’ since the only movie Beckham acted in was 1997’s ‘Spice World.’ To begin the expected car scene, Corden questioned Beckham with his typical catch phrase, “Do you mind if we listen to some music?” Once the beat dropped, Beckham immediately turned from plaster to pop sensation (to the viewer’s eye, however, she was still seen as a mannequin to innocent bystanders in the video).

At the beginning of the episode, the narrator stated, “He’ll risk everything to get her back home.” Sure enough Corden achieved this mission and brought Beckham back to where she belonged all along – Target! Reunited with Beckham’s long lost mannequin friends in the windows of Target, they jumped for joy and sang with glee. Of course, Corden was melodically right there with them. On a similar note, Beckham’s 200+ Target collection is expected to launch this coming April 9.

Beckham’s recognizable stone cold face and personality fit the role of a mannequin seamlessly, but demonstrated her lively spirit the public eye oftentimes fails to see (especially visualized through her original choreography). Make sure to watch the Late Show with James Corden, which airs weeknights at 12:35 am, to see what surprises unfold in the future.

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