Best Nature Documentaries on Netflix

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It can be akin to confinement the way that we are cut-off from the wonders of nature in our world, especially when living in cities or the suburbs. The world isn’t all concrete and buildings, rather, it is filled nature that is both magnificent and awe-inspiring. While experiencing it might not be an option you have right now, there are some pretty spectacular nature documentaries on Netflix that will fill your curiosity.

The Blue Planet

BBC is known for capturing and producing some of the most incredible nature footage ever taken, and Blue Planet is no exception. Narrated by the legendary David Attenborough, Blue Planet takes you across the coasts of various continents around the world, giving you a glimpse into the thriving ecosystems of the Earth’s oceans.

The Ivory Game

From critically acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio, The Ivory Game is a documentary, or rather an expose, on the corruption and cruelty of the ivory trade. Filmmakers went undercover to gain to expose this brutal trade, shedding light on one of the lucrative yet incredibly damaging kinds of trafficking that continues to thrive.


Bringing viewers a better view of the specialized strategies animals have developed over time, Life is somewhat of a prequel to the Planet Earth documentary. Life gives us fascinating insight into how evolution has shaped the creatures of this planet, and how the animals of today’s world have outlived and survived the test of time when compared to their ancestors.

Frozen Planet

In Frozen Planet, you’ll get to experience how life exists in an ecosystem dominated by ice and snow. The filmmakers spent an incredible 2,300 days in the Arctic and Antarctic filming and observing the astonishing yet formidable species that not only live in these harsh environments but continue to thrive.


The BBC and The Discovery Channel teamed up to bring this series that explores the staggering diversity of the entire continent of Africa. Africa is chock full of hours of rare footage displaying the amazing plants, animals, and weather in some of the most remote regions on Earth.

Hidden Kingdoms

This unique documentary explores how animals experience the world from their perspective. In it, you’ll get to see the worlds as shown through the eyes of tiny animals and insects, including a chipmunk and a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. Utilizing incredible camera technology, Hidden Kingdoms provides footage you’d never think would be possible. It even gives you insight into how these stunning shots were captured, and the many camera tricks and technical skills required.

Planet Earth II

Regarded as one of the finest nature documentary series of all time, Planet Earth II brings more excellent content into the wonders of the world. Each episode explores a different type of biome in the world, with the last episode covering how cities have become the newest type of ecosystem for nature.

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