Best Foreign-Language Shows on Netflix

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Netflix offers a wide variety of content that appeals to all sorts of preferences. What’s exciting about this is that it opens the door for us to enjoy foreign-language TV shows that previously wouldn’t have been readily available with basic cable. If you’re looking for something new to watch, we highly recommend checking out these excellent foreign shows. 

3% (Brazil)

If you’re a fan of Hunger Games-esque dystopian dramas, then 3% should be at the top of your list. Set in a world where the population is divided between wealth and poverty, the youth are given a chance to rise up in “The Process.” The show has some excellent emotional depth and features stunning visuals and a fascinating world. 

Dark (Germany)

The first German Netflix original series, Dark is a hidden gem that is both haunting and gravitating. Dubbed as the German Stranger Things, Dark is a unique series with a wholly original story, jaw dropping cinematography, and an ominous undertone. This isn’t the kind of show that you watch halfheartedly, so be prepared to really delve deep into thinking and processing it in its entirety. 

Fauda (Israel)

This action thriller follows an elite team of undercover Israeli commandos as they work in a war-torn Palestine. Fans of 24 will feel right at home when watching Fauda which is filled with plenty of high-octane action and a smart blend of political drama. It is surprisingly much more complex when it comes to character development than its American spy-thriller counterparts, making it more than a mind-numbing action fest. 

The Rain (Denmark)

When the rain begins to fall, a deadly virus spreads throughout the population upon contact with droplets. What follows is the complete collapse of society, and a group of teenagers is forced to band together to simply survive this dangerous new world. The Rain is a fresh take on the eco-apocalypse genre and is chock full of suspense and terrifying situations delivered by an excellent cast. 

Ingobernable (Mexico)

As Mexico’s First Lady, Emilia Urquiza, hopes to foster a new age of peace in her country, a scandal involving her marriage throws a wrench in her plans. Intrigue heavy, Ingobernable is akin to a Mexican House of Cards, giving the viewer a fascinating insight into the political landscape of the country. 

Fallet (Sweden)

Fallet translates to “The Case,” which would have most people thinking this is another dark crime show. However, this Swedish series is a hilarious spoof of crime procedural shows that boasts a ton of humor and heart. It follows an incompetent Stockholm homicide detective and a British chief inspector as they try to unravel a puzzling murder case. It features plenty of witty and sharp commentary on a variety of social issues while giving audiences plenty of laughs and paired with pensive moments.

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