“All My Children” & “One Life to Live” canceled

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Two of the longest running day-time Emmy award winning shows on ABC will be canceled soon. The two shows that are being canceled are “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”  “All My Children” will be going off the air in September while “One Life to Live” has a little bit longer and is going off the air in January.

The shows that will replace these Emmy winning shows will be a food based show hosted by Mario Batali called “The Chew” which will be premiering in September, and a health/lifestyle show called “The Revolution” which will be premiering in January.

One of the main reasons why the two shows are being canceled is recently these shows have not been producing a lot of revenue and audience viewings. They used to pull much higher ratings, despite many long time fans of both programs. The viewer listings have reportedly dropped from 2.32 million to an all-time-low of 463,000 viewers.

Both soap operas have produced big-name actors including Josh Duhamel, Amanda Seyfried, Kelly Ripa, and Susan Lucci.

Brian Frons, the ABC Daytime Department President, has stated that viewers are looking for different kinds of television shows, and that a change was needed. He also admitted that this change is bittersweet in the sense that they are sad that these two long-standing shows are coming to an end.

The cancellation announcement has already been noted by the public, and there has been backlash at the decision. Frons has stated that he is not surprised and will continue on with this decision.

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