Woman Found in Burning SUV on UC San Diego Campus

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Over the Halloween weekend, on Friday, October 29, 2010, San Diego police department found a woman’s body inside a burning SUV on the campus of UC San Diego.

According to San Diego police Lt. Kevin Rooney, the police received several 9-11 calls around 9:20pm, Friday, to report the burning vehicle. Firemen arrived on scene to extinguish the fire and later found a woman’s body inside the vehicle.

The surrounding areas were then investigated overhead by helicopters equipped with infrared cameras, looking for any possible suspects and additional evidence. University police also searched on foot through the walkways leading to and from the area for potential evidence.

The SUV was parked in lot P107, the east commuter lot on campus in the 3600 block of Voigt Drive, San Diego, east of the I-5 freeway and near the UCSD baseball field. The parking lot was blocked off Friday night for the investigators to survey the scene. Individuals who had parked their vehicles in the lot were not able to retrieve their vehicles until the following day, Saturday.

UCSD Police officials say the vehicle was far too scorched to determine on site whether the vehicle was registered to a student. It still remains unclear whether or not the woman found in the vehicle was a student.

Lt. Rooney stated, “We have not identified the woman yet.” The cause of death still remains a mystery affirmed Lt. Rooney, “We don’t know what her cause of death is either.” An autopsy is scheduled for the morning of November 1, 2010. The San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit is the lead reporting and investigation agency on this case, and is working in junction with the UCSD Police Department.

No additional details have been released yet. If you have any information, please call SDPD’s homicide unit at (619) 531-2293.

At this point the death of this woman remains a mystery.

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