Will Ferrell at Petco Park Sept. 9th

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Will Ferrell will be taking the field at Petco Park September 9th, right after a game between the Padres and Dodgers. Ferrell will be introducing his new HBO special – “Ferrell Take The Field.” Back in March, Ferrell played every position for both teams in the same spring training game in a special dedication to the fight against cancer.

Attendees of the Padres September 9th game will be able to stay and watch a screening of the show introduced by Ferrell. The show will debut September 12, on HBO.

Funny Or Die teamed up with Major League Baseball to help make this show happen with Will Ferrell. During spring training, Ferrell hit the field with 10 different major league baseball teams, and played every position on the field. The HBO Special is dedicated to the fight against cancer through the charity Cancer For College.

“They say nothing’s more American than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ballpark, and watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field, but you know what? Today I learned they are wrong. Make that eight Dominicans, and one guy from Irvine, California, God bless America” – Will Ferrell

Cancer for College was founded by Craig Pollard, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at 15, followed by another bout of cancer at 19. He realized there was a serious need to help kids like himself because “college dreams are forsaken in place of just trying to keep your child alive.” During his senior year at the USC Business School, Cancer for College was born.

According to their website, they have provided nearly $2 million in scholarships to almost 1,000 cancer survivors since the charity’s inception. They host many fundraising events, including an annual golf classic held in San Diego each year. “Thanks in equal part to Craig’s compelling story of triumph, Will Ferrell’s celebrity and the thoughtful generosity of friends and corporate contributors. Cancer for College continues to thrive and grow.”

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