Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia Preview

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The 11-0 Ronda Rousey or the 9-0 Bethe Correia, who will come out on top this Saturday? There is no doubt in most peoples mind that Rousey will win the fight but lets look at all the facts.

1. Bethe Correia has shown a strong amount of confidence in both her trash talk and her weigh-in today. During the weigh-in Correia proceeds to run her mouth while Rousey just stands there in her pose and lets her go off. One fighter acting like she has been there before, and one letting her emotions get the better of her. Check it out here:

2. To add to the first point, a little pre-fight trash talk is understandable but Correia took it to the next level when she decided to reference the suicide of Rousey’s father. It is this comment that instantly decreased Correia’s chances of winning the fight. Rousey is considered by many to to be the best fighter in the world and Correia decides to take a verbal low-blow at Rousey. Commenting on the situation, “I think everything up until the suicide comment could have been understandable from a marketing point of view,” Rousey said. “But when she said that is when it really crossed the line and became truly personal for me.” Rousey would go on to talk about how because of that comment she wants to punish Corriea in the most humiliating and painful way.

3. The one thing that may be working against Rousey is home court advantage. The fight will take place at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night. Rousey hasn’t fought out side of Vegas or Southern California in nearly three years, but is not having a geograhical advantage really a weakness for Rousey? Probably not, Rousey likes to challenge herself and being away from home is just the challenge she is looking for, “When I don’t have the home-court advantage, that’s another thing that really keeps me motivated,” said Rousey.

Rousey has won her last three fights in a combined 96 seconds so audiences will have to wait and see what approach she takes with Correia.

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