Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift dating? Angelina fuming after son discovers Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston marriage.

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Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift Dating?

Could Taylor Swift be looking to snag herself a quarterback?   Celebuzz is reporting that the country crossover cutie  has been spotted out on a date with Denver’s favorite televangelist, Tim Tebow.  The football hunk, who the media has desperately been trying to link to (insert cute Hollywood starlet here), was seen dining with Swift at Toscanova, an Italian eatery located inside LA’s Century City Mall.

The two were first spotted together last Friday at WME’s Pre-Oscar party where the two chatted and exchanged flirty smiles for over an hour.  It has been reported that it was Swift who approached Tebow who appeared to be very happy to be speaking with America’s favorite girl next door.

When the news leaked about what appeared to be a dinner date on the following Monday, the Hollywood rumor mill immediately anointed the two “Hollywood’s Newest Couple.”  Seem too cute to be true?  The pair of goody two shoes may just be putting together a business deal.  Although the two were seen arriving together and Tebow was spied walking Taylor out, there was apparently a third and fourth wheel present on their “date” which may have been their respective agents.  If it is indeed a business deal, what kind of collaboration is in the works?  Could Taylor be trying to persuade Tebow to make a cameo in her next video or is this a collaboration of the personal variety.  Only time will tell.

Angelina Fuming After Son Discovers Brad Pitt  & Jennifer Aniston Marriage

Good Will Ambassador and Hollywood’s resident bad girl, Angelina Jolie, is apparently not as confident as her leg flashing poses at the Oscars may suggest, especially when it comes to her “partner,” Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, and everyone’s favorite friend, Jennifer Aniston.

OK! has reported that Angelina became furious when she overheard Brad Pitt responding to Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s curiosity about his previous relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.  Apparently, 10 year old Maddox became curious about Brad’s former spouse when he came across an article about the actress.  In the middle of the delicate father/son conversation, Angelina walked in.  Unfortunately for Brad, Angelina came in just in time to hear  Brad describe Jennifer as “a woman he loved very much and was once married to.”  As one might imagine, Angelina flew off the handle and an alleged heated argument ensued.

Brangelina has reportedly gone to great lengths to protect their children against finding any news stories involving Pitt or Jolie, especially  past relationships and marriages.  Angelina does not want their children to know anything about Brad’s failed marriage to Jennifer Aniston or her past relationships.   Both parents have been very careful not to allow their children to read or be exposed to any of the gossip surrounding either Brad or Angelina’s romantic histories becuase they feel it may be confusing or disturbing to the children.  Perhaps this is the reason that Angelina felt betrayed by Brad’s honesty with their son, or could Angelina be a little insecure when it comes to Brad’s ex?

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