Justin Beiber turns 18 & Desperate Housewives Nicollete Sherdian killed off show

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Happy 18th Birthday Justin Beiber

How did you celebrate your 18th birthday? Did you sign yourself out of school? Did you register to vote? How does a fresh faced millionaire celebrate his first day as a legal adult? According to TMZ, Bieber is celebrating his 18th birthday typical Hollywood fashion, nothing extravagant or flashy. “Nothing too crazy,” says Beiber.

Justin Bieber spent the afternoon parachuting and shopping for two multimillion dollar homes. Word has it that he is planning to purchase properties in Calabasas and Hollywood as a gift for his mother. She must be so proud.

Later in the evening he celebrated over a quiet dinner at a posh eatery, followed by an age appropriate bash with some of his nearest and dearest celebrity friends. The location has not been disclosed.

Click on Detroit is reporting that Bieber received a gift while visiting the Ellen DeGeneres Show. As Ellen wished Bieber a “Happy Birthday,” Bieber was presented with a brand new Fisker Karma. The environmentally friendly ride was a gift from his manager Scooter Braun and mentor, Usher.

In honor of his milestone birthday, Bieber is asking his fans to donate $18 to Charity: Water, a charitable organization that helps bring clean water to developing countries. It sounds like our favorite little Canadian is all grown up.


Desperate Housewives Nicollete Sherdian Killed Off Show

Things are about to get ugly on Wisteria Lane. According to CNN the trial over the firing of Nicollette Sheridan from the former hit series, Desperate Housewives has begun. According to Sheridan, it all started when the show’s creator, Marc Cherry, allegedly physically assaulted her while on set. She claims that Cherry hit her on the head while giving her “artistic direction.” Cherry was eventually excused of any wrong doing when Sheridan was unable to show any signs of physical injury.

Sheridan is now claiming that her attempt at legal action towards Marc Cherry eventually led to her subsequent firing from the show. The trial over these new allegations against Cherry and ABC has begun. Cherry and ABC are claiming that her character was killed off due to the natural development of the story line and that they had plans to kill off her character, Edie Britt, long before she took them to court over the alleged bonk on the noggin. Sheridan’s attorney, Mark Baute, is attempting to prove that the plot line involving Edie’s death during the show’s 5th season was hastily planned and more of an attempt to get rid of Sheridan than part of the show’s natural plot line progression.

Adding to the courtroom drama, former co-stars Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Lingoria, and Teri Hatcher are reportedly scheduled to testify. It is unknown whether her co-star’s testimony will help or hurt Sheridan’s case but it is certain that their presence will bring more intrigue to the case.

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