Tiger, and the “Fart Heard Round the World”

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From 'Keith Allison' via Flickr

From 'Keith Allison' via Flickr

At the Buick Open last weekend,  a clamoring of air pushed between the anal opening (more commonly known as a fart) could be heard on the live broadcast of the open on ABC.

Soon after the thunderous distinct sound, Woods and his caddy could be seen chuckling away like pre-pubescent boys amused at the antic. The reaction of Woods and his caddy to many was seen as a possible “who ever smelt it dealt it” scenario. The info begun to fly around the media world, and everyone pointed at Woods for committing this heinous ace of flatulence. Looking at it is a proclamation of Wood’s humanity, that he isn’t bionic, and Skynet hasn’t sent him here to take over the world one putt at a time.

In Woods defense, how can anyone resist the hilarity of a nicely ripped methane horn? The urge to laugh in such occasions fills our very soul. We try to fight the so-called taboo gesture, but our core, our being tells us to laugh. Let’s face it San Diego, farts are funny! They have been bringing joy and unity to the world around us from the beginning. So,  ask yourself, why is Tiger’s fart, or so called fart, so grand?

From the dawn of life, the emission of built up gaseous material has always played a role in biology. Even single-celled organisms cut one loose here and there. Its the most basic biological function we have, gas builds up we release it, and viola! Everyone does it, and no one is exempt from this truth.

Yes, boys, even girls do it. Just like when we sit around with our buddies having laughs with the occasional flatulent discharge. Girls while drinking wine, and watching their beloved shows do the exact same thing. Stars do it, priests do it, nuns do it, everyone does it. It is a single commonality that we all share, and it has the ability of humanizing an individual no matter how grand their status in society. So when someone like Tiger Woods does it, we see a little of his human side, and not the billionaire golf star that we see day to day.

In the end we are all human, and the little passing of air brings it all around full circle. Who knew, that the most simplistic act of biology, could be such a complex and beautiful realization of how we are all connected.

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