Sandra Bullock’s Adoption and Jesse James Update

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Photo from John Griffiths via Flickr.American sweetheart Sandra Bullock has definitely had a roller coaster year thus far– from winning her first Oscar Award for The Blind Side to facing the shocking news about her cheating husband Jesse James, who had been allegedly having an affair while she was working on the movie.

Until recently, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James had been able to keep their private lives on the down low. But when recent news about James’ affairs with tattoo artist Michelle “bombshell” McGee broke out, stories about the couple started booming all over the internet and in magazines.

As if the cheating wasn’t surprising enough, Bullock just recently released information in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine about the couple’s adoption of a baby boy from New Orleans in January.

Although she had been delaying the decision, Bullock has finally decided to finalize the divorce with Jesse James. She has also decided that she will continue the adoption process of 3 1/2 month-old Louis Bardo Bullock on her own. Bullock says that she had been delaying the divorce process for some time due to fear that Jesse James would seek revenge and divulge Bullock’s ‘secrets’ that could severely hinder her reputation.

In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Bullock states that baby boy Louis “is just perfect… it’s like he’s always been a part of [their] lives.” A photo of Bullock and baby on the cover of PEOPLE can be seen here.

Photo from abcdefgh2601 via Flickr.When asked about Jesse James’ neo-Nazism and Supremacist ways, Bullock stated that she was against all of those things and was shocked to see pictures of her ex-husband posing as Adolf Hitler in a German soldier’s hat and giving a “Heil, Hitler” salute. James’ side love affair also posed in a full-on Nazi photo shoot, which included pictures of her wearing a swastika armband and exposing her swastika tattoo on her stomach.

Reports state that Jesse James had signed into sex rehab in Arizona in efforts to win Bullock back, but he allegedly ditched the rehab after a week because Bullock refused to answer his phone calls.

Although Bullock is going through very difficult times, it’s good to see that she is staying strong and living happily with her newly adopted baby boy.


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