Bret Michaels’ Condition Worsens

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Photo by Jamiecat via FlickrBret Michaels condition seems to be taking a turn for the worse. As of this morning, things are not looking good for the singer/reality star. He was hospitalized last Friday after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage.

Bret’s road manager released a statement late Tuesday saying, “Test results indicate a setback in Bret Michaels’ condition, a side effect from the brain hemorrhage called hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body which leads to seizures.” The doctors say that they are very hopeful with his recovery process and the hyponatremia is only a minor setback.

This recent news break is the most information that anybody seems to be getting on Bret’s situation. His road manager and publicist are keeping this matter extremely private and are careful not to disclose the hospital or city in which Bret is located.

After an emergency appendectomy 11 days prior to falling ill, Bret claimed to have not been feeling “100 percent” after the surgery. Many people are speculating this brain hemorrhage may have been caused when Bret suffered a head injury at the Tony Awards last June when a prop fell on his head after a performance.

Other rumors are floating around out there about seizures, slurred speech, blurred vision, and dizziness during Bret’s hospitalization. Doctors are doing everything they can so Bret will improve and the blood surrounding the brain dissolves and is reabsorbed into his system. Bret is still in the ICU and, unfortunately, recovering from this type of condition could take many weeks or months. He is stable and doing as well as he possibly can as of now, but this minor setback does not seem very good for Bret’s health.

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