San Diego Gas Prices Continue to Rise

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San Diego gas prices are nearing record highs as we continue into the month of October. The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline is hovering around $4.206, the highest since July 20, 2015. Prices have increased an average of 56.3 cents over the past 21 days, according to figures reported by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. 

In areas like Rancho Bernardo and La Mesa, pump prices are breaking the bank at $5.00+ per gallon, leaving many residents wondering when prices will drop. Current gas prices are the result of a variety of factors that have led to this sharp increase. Last month, Saudi Arabia oil production facilities were attacked, leaving many of them out of commission and unable to produce barrels. 

Additionally, three Los Angeles refineries slowed the production of gasoline due to maintenance issues and damages to equipment. Local refineries had already begun to cut back on the production of summer-blend gasoline and preparing to transition to winter-blend on Nov. 1. With no imported or local gasoline available to make up the difference, gas prices have radically increased.

North County areas like Vista and Escondido continue to have the cheapest options for gas, but even now, it’s tough to find anywhere that’s sub $4.00. Thankfully, California’s market is highly regulated, so there is no difference in the quality of gasoline sold at cheaper independent stations than there is at higher-priced locations. 

As shipments of oil begin to arrive, and California refineries are back in commission, experts say prices at the pump are expected to gradually drop. Until then, it’s time to pull out all the tricks to conserve your tank as long as you can, and get the best bang for your buck. 

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