San Diego Celebrates the Royal Wedding

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As with any relationship that ends in permanent separation, things with America and England are still, well, complicated. For those of us across the pond, talk of Prince William’s engagement to fashionista Kate Middleton has peppered American new stories and pop culture shows alike, but now that the actual ceremony is upon us (aired live on Friday April 29 at 1:00 am PST on NBC), should we be celebrating?

You bet your tea and crumpets we should.  Though the mass majority of us have never and may never actually meet Prince William or his betrothed, that doesn’t mean we can’t toast them in our own right.  After all, a wedding is a wedding, and as such, the Royal Wedding is a call for a Royal celebration.  With that said, here are some events happening in San Diego on Friday to commemorate The Royal Wedding:

1. Shakespeare Pub & Grill in Missions Hill is beginning the festivities early at 6:00am, when they will televise the recorded Wedding ceremony.  They will be serving a variety of Breakfast choices, complimentary champagne, and a wide collection of souveniers that would pleasure British ex-pats and anglophiles alike.  Ladies are encouraged to don on their classiest headgear, as a prize will be awarded for the Best Hat.  Grab a Guiness if you aren’t a fan of the bubbly, for Shakespeare’s is throwing one of the earliest Royal Wedding parties this side of the Atlantic.  The cost is $19.95 per person, and reservations are required.

2. Viejas Casino just off the I-8 in Alpine will be serving wedding cake in its V Lounge from 3-5pm.  There will also be entertainment in the form of impersonations of the Royal family.  Guests will also have plenty of photo opportunities with cardboard cutouts.  The flat screens inside the casino will be airing wedding footage, to the tune of coins dropping and slot machine jingles.

3.  Princess Pub & Grille in Little Italy, owned and operated by native Brit Gerry Kenny, will be serving a celebratory wedding dinner beginning at 11 am on Friday.  For $19.95, diners get a choice of entree, complimentary champagne, and Happy Hour Prices on alcoholic beverages.

4. All Things Bright and British in La Mesa is one of very few locales that is holding a live viewing at 1am, 9/27/11.  The British goods store will have a projector television and canopied outdoor seating area in the adjacent parking lot.  However, make sure to stock up on coffee, as there is strictly no alcohol allowed.  Admission is free, and the store will offer food samplings of tea, jam, and of course, scones.

5. Grab some friends, a box of tissues, and a bottle of Beefeater London Dry Gin and watch the replays of the wedding ceremony on cable.  Swoon over the Prince, covet the soon-to-be Princess’s gown, make a drinking game out of spotting celebrities you recognize in the crowd.  Everyone loves a wedding.

Images by Lee J Haywood, @rgs, and Ben Sutherland via Flickr

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