New York Jets send New England Patriots airborne message

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“Cheaters Look Up”  – More bad news for the New England Patriots 

As if the penalties that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were officially charged with yesterday wasn’t enough, a banner was flown over the Patriots training center that read “CHEATERS LOOK UP@JETSFANMEDIA” on Thursday, July 30, 2015.

With DeflateGate and SpyGate, JETSFANMEDIA wanted to make it very clear how the Patriots are perceived by Jets fans, and possibly the rest of the NFL. But why would the Jets fans want to be the ones to fly the banner over the Patriots practice facility? Well, it could have something to do with SpyGate and how the Patriots filmed a game of the theirs from an unapproved location.

The Jets fan group that paid for a plain to fly the banner is said to be the same group that was behind the billboards, and bring back Fireman Ed campaign at MetLife Stadium. Jason Koeppel, one of the planners behind the stunt spoke to Metro.Us and Yahoo Sports and this is what he had to say..

“Sports fans are not stupid. We have seen this act before from disgraced former superstar athletes. People like Lance Armstrong and Ryan Braun who challenged the system after they got caught red handed. Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, A-Rod, Roger Clemens – the list of people who lied after they got caught cheating is sadly endless. Why not learn from their mistakes? Take a lesson from Pete Rose who is still banned from baseball because of the way he acted after he got caught. Give up your ridiculous campaign of lies and accept your punishment. Have some integrity. Stop this ‘Tom Foolery’ today.”

Regardless of the DeflateGate and SpyGate incidences the Patriots are used to being under scrutiny from the NFL and media, but they still find a way to win. Life goes on for the Patriots as owner, Robert Craft signs a “Free Brady” poster earlier today at training camp.

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