Chris Brown Documentary: Welcome to my Life

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Considering Chris Brown’s long list of accomplishments on stage and as a musician, the creation of his documentary is no surprise. On Tuesday (June 6), he hosted the first screening of his new documentary, Welcome to my Life. In addition to celebrating his achievements, the documentary elaborates on the obstacles he faced and pushed through. The film will be in theaters this Thursday.

In the trailer, it is clear that Brown has been through numerous downs throughout his career. First and foremost, his fame arrived fast and he missed out on having a childhood. Secondly, he had issues with mental health and drugs, which led to his abusive relationship with Rihanna and arrest. While on the red carpet, Brown spoke about his daughter, which was a light in his life amidst the darkness he went through. He said, “She is my life. She’s a part of my life in all aspects. I thought music was at first but she’s number one, and then the music. Bringing her here, I wanted to show her that daddy is cool, I guess.”

Many people believed that Brown would never come back from his falling out with Rihanna, however, he had a lot of success in the past 6 months. He closed out a national headlining tour with Fabolous and French Montana and was featured on tracks with Meek Mill and and Nas. He even noted that he was going to play in the BET celebrity basketball tournament. So, he has definitely made somewhat of an improvement after his lowest point.

The documentary also includes an amazing cast full of actors, actresses, and musicians. It will feature Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Dj Khaled, Usher, Rita Ora, and Jennifer Lopez.

Make sure to check out Welcome to my Life this coming Thursday. We’re predicting it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster, but worth the ride.


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