Did Reggie Bush cheat on Kim Kardashian?

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Photo from Kalumba2009 via Flickr

Photo from Kalumba2009 via Flickr

Only a week after it was alleged that Jesse James cheated on his Academy Award winning wife, Sandra Bullock, allegations are being made against Saints running back and native San Diegan, Reggie Bush.

On March 17 two women were caught on camera exiting Bush’s home in Los Angeles. The previous night Bush was spotted out with a friend at a restaurant on the Sunset strip where they were joined by the two women. Later the group was seen arriving at Bush’s home where the women stayed until the next morning.

The National Enquirer published the pictures where January Gessert, the woman Reggie Bush is supposedly seeing, and a friend are seen leaving Bush’s home at 7 am, later Bush is photographed leaving at 11 am. A representative for Bush told the Enquirer that Gessert is dating a friend of Bush’s and that they simply met at his house. Reggie Bush has responded to the rumors via his Twitter: “Clarification 4 the dummies aka the media, January is a long time friend of mine & has been dating my best friend for 6 months. Sorry! LOL!”

Bush and his Twitter followers continued to make fun of the speculations making jokes about taking pictures with a friend’s mom so the blogs could start rumors that Bush likes to date cougars. Clearly Reggie Bush has a sense of humor and won’t let cheating rumors get to him.

The most likely reason why news outlets were quick to pick up the story is the fact that cheating scandals are hot right now thanks to Tiger Woods. It was a big deal when it was alleged that Woods cheated on his wife with one woman but when more and more women started coming forward it turned the gossip world upside down.

Jesse James was first linked to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee but now two more women are coming forward stating that they too had affairs with James. It seems that nowadays one mistress is not enough. So perhaps it wasn’t enough to talk about Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian breaking up, a cheating scandal had to be tacked on too. However, this scandal seems to be bust.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush had been dating since 2007 and broke up for a short time last year. Sources told People magazine that they broke for the same reasons they stated the first time, they have busy schedules and the long distance was taking a toll on the relationship. Other sources have also stated that Bush didn’t enjoy being in the spotlight that came with dating Kim Kardashian. During his visit to the Rachel Ray Show last week, he told the host that he didn’t love the cameras that followed he and Kim because: “I play football, and most football players are camera shy.”

Kim Kardashian’s stepfather, Bruce Jenner, told radio show “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” that he hopes the couple will work out their differences. “It’s two very successful people and it’s not easy, I hope for the best… I love Reggie. Reggie’s a great guy.”

Reggie Bush was born in Spring Valley and played football at Helix High School in La Mesa where he was recruited by USC. Bush was drafted by the New Orleans Saints before his senior year after winning the Heisman Trophy in 2005.


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