Paula Abdul Reunites with Simon Cowell on “The X-Factor”

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Paula Abdul has finally confirmed that she will regain her spot back at the judges’ table in the new talent show “The X-Factor.”

After sitting next to each other on “American Idol” for seven years, Simon Cowell and Abdul split for three years after she left the show in 2009. The two have undeniable chemistry and there are many exuberant fans happy to see that they will be reuniting.

Serving as executive producer, Cowell will not only become Abdul’s colleague, but formally her boss. Cowell, however, says of his new position, “I could never be her boss. It’s more like the other way around. I think she’s going to establish that.”

The two are joined by judges L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole. Word on the street is already building that that Reid might give Cowell a run for his money as a meaner judge to the contestants.

Competing against other singing shows such as “American Idol” and “The Voice,” the “The X-Factor” has already shown itself different from these other shows.

In an opposite turn from “The Voice” in which judges face backwards and judge contestants solely on vocal abilities, the judges of “The X-Factor” is looking for more than just voice. Instead, they are looking for this so called “X-Factor” that cannot exactly be pinned down, yet extends past the voice and encompasses crowd appeal and swagger.

Cowell has the experience of judging Britian’s “The X-Factor” from 2004-2010 under his belt, notably discovering the award-winning Leona Lewis. From 2008-2010 Cole also joined the show, so Cowell will have the comfort of having been on the panel with two of his former colleagues as they together debut the United States version of “The X-Factor.”

Will you watch “The X-Factor” or do you think “The Voice” will be a better show?

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