Park View brings a championship to San Diego

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It wasn’t The Chargers, or the Padres, it was a little league team from Chula Vista, CA that finally brought a championship to our city. No million dollar contracts on the line, no franchise money, no new stadium, just the love and passion for the game.

That’s right San Diego we finally have a World Title under our belt, and it’s an actual “world” title. Not the NFL Super Bowl, or the World Series that we so narcissisticly claim as a world title; America isn’t the world folks, it’s a country. An actual legitimate cross-continent competition that leaves one team standing, and that team was from our own backyard.

The Blue Bombers defeated Taiwan 6-3 at South Williamsport, PA, in an amazing comeback that made the boys in blue feel what so many of us dream about while we sleep. True jubilation washed over the young team as the final pitch thrown struck out a Taiwanese player. Jumping up and down the boys rejoiced in the what had seemed like a distant dream as the season begun.

The game started out bad for The Blue Bombers. Down 3-0 from two back-to-back home runs dealt out by the Taiwanese players, the outcome of the game was looking grim. The “green machine” may have struck the first blow, but “the boys in blue” knew the battle wasn’t over.

In a rousing series of innings, The Blue Bombers played top-notch baseball. In-field and out-field work, pitching, and batting were the holy trinity that brought salvation back to the boys and saved them from the clutches of defeat. Functioning on all cylinders, it was only a matter of time before the game turned towards the blue sky, and the trophy was being handed over to Park View.

The win not only brought happiness to Chula Vista, and San Diego in the knowledge that we have a championship under or belt. There was something about the game that showed a purity and power that lacks in professional sports.

Provided by 'camouflage' via Flickr

Provided by 'camouflage' via Flickr

These boys on the team, and on all the other competitors in the competition, were playing for nothing more then pride. They don’t have agents, they don’t have diamond earrings they wear as they strap on their uniforms, all they have is the love. This was sports at its finest. Two teams pitted against each other at a pinnacle cross-roads that will decide who is the best.

All athletes can relate to this, they all had the love for the game these boys felt as they strapped on their shoes and walked out onto that green field. A virtue that is in all of us as children, to chase our dreams and bring it home so we can all be happy. Something about seeing that untainted, unaltered love made its absence in professional sports more obvious.

Watching the game made me feel so happy, and joyful for the fact they won it for San Diego, but also fearful that they could lose that precious gift of unequivocal love for the game.

Making it into the big leagues is a feat and a true gift, but could it also be a puric victory for the players. Could the cost of winning cause so much loss in the soul, and love of the game that it isn’t worth it? Does the money really make the game that much better?

All just questions, that have yet be answered. However, watching the boys in blue with theirs smiles and joy showed me a celebration that I have never seen before. A celebration that had all the components of what seemed almost to transcend human understanding. I for one have never seen that in professional sports, and will probably never see it again, unless I am watching young boys or girls in some little league, or community sport bring home the championship after a day at the field.

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