Netflix introduces “Flixtape”

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Every time Netflix decides to change or update something, our hearts skip a beat. Whether they are taking off our favorite shows, or doing another price increase, we are never exactly sure how our favorite TV watching platform is going to change our lives next.

We all spend a lot of time convincing our friends and family to watch the shows we are addicted to, and most of the time, our suggestions are simply suggestions. Do you ever take other’s up on their suggestions on what to watch? I didn’t think so.

Netflix has decided to grace us all with a new update called “Flixtapes” which are exactly what they sound like, mixtapes, but for movies. “Flixtapes” allow each user to make a list of all the shows and movies that we love, and share them with other mutual Netflix users.

The “Flixtape” model follows closely with that of Spotify, which allows you to create playlists. Netflix is slowly moving more into the realm of social media. When creating a “Flixtape”, Netflix allows you to type the name of your list, edit your list of movies and shows and apply a cover. You then can add a “to” and “from” if your choosing to send it to someone, or you have the ability to share it via a link through Facebook and Twitter.

Who knows if your family and friends will start to take you up on your suggestions after sending them a “Flixtape”, but it sure makes it easier to remember who wants you to watch what. It gives you a list of options for when you’re endlessly scrolling through your feed to find your next binge watch.

Netflix describes it as a 2016 version of making a mix tape for your best friend or crush. Watch the video below explaining how Netflix’s latest update works.

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