Sorry folks, KFC’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen has sold out

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Imagine laying on the beach, wind in your hair, toes in the sand, and the smell of fresh fried chicken beaming off of your skin. KFC is making all your wildest dreams come true by releasing an SPF 30 sunscreen that smells like your favorite fried chicken. And the best part? It’s free.

On Monday morning, the popular fast food chain launched its new skin care product, giving out 3,000 bottles of the chicken sun protection.

KFC is known for its wild stunt marketing (remember the chicken corsage?) but this sunscreen, truly takes the cake…or chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is ensuring that the only skin that should be crispy this summer is on your extra crispy chicken.

“The sun gives us life. But if we’re not careful it also gives us painful sunburns. That’s why we made KFC’s Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen! Its SPF helps protect your skin while the real fried chicken scent leaves you smelling delicious!”


Unfortunately for all of the chicken lovers out there, all 3,000 bottles have been given out just one day after the sunscreen launched.  Don’t be too discouraged though, you can still head over to the KFC sunscreen website to read testimonials, watch the thrilling campaign video, and read about why you need KFC sunscreen.

Various businesses have already received their very own bottle of the sunscreen and claims that the sunscreen does in fact make you smell like fried chicken. Whether that is a good thing, or a bad thing, we don’t know. For those lucky winners of the skincare, delivery will take about 8 weeks, meaning we all have to wait to start smelling fried chicken on the beach.

For the rest of us, we can still profess our love for fried chicken by simply heading over to KFC to eat some extra crispy chicken and hoping more sunscreen will be made in the future.



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