Nancy Grace Being Sued for $15 million

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Nancy Grace, CNN’s HLN TV Host, is being sued by a former partner Patricia Caruso for a reported breach in contract for a syndicated television series where Caruso would have been executive producer and Grace the host.

The New York Supreme Court March filing notes that “Caruso alleges that the two former Court TV professionals met in 2002, and in 2008, they started developing and marketing a series, tentatively called ‘Grace’s Cases,’ under the agreement that Caruso would be executive producer. In 2009, CBS took on the show, but a year later, Grace signed on to host ‘Swift Justice With Nancy Grace’ without Caruso,” per the Business Insider.

Fox News reports that Caruso also claims that for two years she “worked tirelessly and successfully to develop, market and sell a syndicated television series featuring Grace – all in support of her future role as executive producer of the series.”

Apparently in October 2009 “news broke that the CBS sold the series in 80 percent of the U.S syndicated market and Caruso said the two, accompanied by their husbands, went out for a celebratory dinner. However, in the Spring of 2010 – despite Grace’s reassurances that CBS would make Caruso an offer and she would not proceed without her – Caruso alleges the TV host signed on to host ‘Swift Justice With Nancy Grace’ without her as executive producer” reports Fox News.

One of Grace’s legal representatives told Fox 411’s Pop Tarts column, “Ms. Grace will respond in full, in court — not the media — and has great faith that the truth will come out.”

Grace is known to discuss issues at hand from the victim’s perspective being a former prosecutor.  She currently hosts two television shows: “Nancy Grace” on  HLN and “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace,” a CBS court room reality show. She has also co-written the book Objection! — How High-Priced Defense Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants, and a 24/7 Media Have Hijacked Our Criminal Justice System.


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