Marion Cotillard in “The Dark Knight Rises” – the Next Batman Sequel

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Marion Cotillard, French actress who rose to fame for her role in films such “Taxi”, “Jeux d’enfants”, “Nine” ,“A Very Long Engagement” and “La Vie en Rose” which she won the 2008 Best Actress Oscar for, is confirmed to join Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway in the newest Batman sequel, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Cotillard will act the part of Miranda Tate, an employee of Bruce Wayne. Marion’s character, Miranda is a socialite and a Wayne Enterprises board member who wishes to help Wayne continue his father’s philanthropic deeds.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, this will be a reunion as he and Cotillard collaborated in the 2010 sci-fi film, “Inception”. Cotillard however is not the only star Nolan is bringing back from the successful film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is set to take on the role of John Blake, a cop, will also be reuniting with Nolan.

Nolan commented on his decision to bring back the two actors stating, “When you collaborate with people as talented as Marion and Joe, it comes as no surprise that you would want to repeat the experience.” He continued his statement saying, “I immediately thought of them for the roles of Miranda and Blake, and I am looking forward to working with both of them again.”

Oscar winner Christian Bale will once again act as main lead, Batman, while Anne Hathaway will take on the role of Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman. This will be the third time Bale and Nolan collaborate, having worked together for the two previous Batman installments.

Filming is scheduled to begin May 2011 and end in November and the cast is set to spend a couple of weeks in the summer in Pittsburg. This third and last installment of the Batman series is set to be released in July 2012.

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