Myspace & Facebook Alliance Grows Stronger

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Today, Myspace and Facebook held a joint press conference announcing some big changes to their websites. Myspace is now allowing users to log into their site via Facebook. This means that there will be a Connect With Facebook button on Myspace’s pages.

Just a few years ago, Myspace was the alpha dog in terms of the social media scene while Facebook was the fledgling infant who posed no threat to Myspace’s dominance. Things have drastically changed in the last few years. Now, Facebook holds basically a monopoly on social media. Facebook is now the most used site for status updates and communicating with friends and family through the internet. Facebook now apparently is shifting their sights to the music industry.

Myspace has finally acknowledged that Facebook is the biggest force in social media which prompted them to basically surrender. They figured out that they simply could not compete with Facebook anymore.

With this announcement, Myspace concedes that Facebook is now the drive and that Myspace is simply in the back seat. The press conference also provided a look into future plans with Myspace experimenting with the possibilities of bringing Facebook’s “like”capability to its music pages.  The joint alliance acknowledges that Myspace’s sights are shifted more towards its music focus with its band pages.

Combining with Myspace would provide Facebook with a whole other aspect by allowing Facebook users to follow their favorite bands and listen to newly released music with the touch of a button. This seems advantageous to users of both platforms and will certainly make music more convenient to keep up with.

This recent move also allows Facebook to compete with Apple and  iTunes who have recently released a platform called Ping which allows its users to follow the bands/artists they like. The competition between the two companies will certainly heat up with this new development.

What are your thoughts? Will this new announcement help you in any way? Is it a good move on Myspace and Facebook’s part?

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