Michelle Bombshell causes Sandra Bullock Marriage Trouble

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Courtesy FaceBook

Courtesy FaceBook

News broke this morning of an alleged affair between Jesse James and Michelle Bombshell McGee. James is married to Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock.

Reports state that while Sandra was away from Jesse filming “The Blind Side” he had received a friend request online from Michelle, and passed on his personal e-mail to her.

Michelle Bombshell McGee is reportedly from San Diego and had been driving to and from LA to visit James, even getting a tour of West Coast Choppers. She sought to become acquainted with James as she is an aspiring tattoo model and tattoo artist.

Sandra Bullock cancelled her appearance at the British premiere of “The Blind Side” due to personal and unforeseen circumstances which some attribute to the recent bad press.

McGee sat down with In Touch and explained that she assumed the couple were no longer together due to their separation. McGee goes on to explain that the affair has spanned the past 11 months.

This is sad news for the entertainment world where the union of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock was widely appreciated and thought to be forever lasting. Neither the Bullock or James camp has publicly commented on the recent events.

The couple met in 2004 on the set of ‘Monster Garage,’ a show that turned Jesse James into the widely known bad boy sensation he is today.  Their marriage followed soon after in 2005.

Courtesy FaceBook - Michelle Bombshell Picture

Courtesy FaceBook - Michelle Bombshell Picture

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